Fluid text (or any other property) size depending on screen width

Responsive text styles depending on screen size is all the rage these days.
Here’s an example of a sass mixin that lets you define a screen width where a max value should be reached, and the smallest value it is allowed to have. It will interpolate between these values automatically.

 * Interpolate a value down to a minimum value from its
 * maximum at a defined viewport width
 * @param {string} $property           The css attribute, eg. 'font-size'
 * @param {int}    $value_min          Minimum value in pixels.
 * @param {int}    $value_max          Minimum value in pixels.
 * @param {int}    $viewport_width_max Viewport width for the max value.
@mixin vw-min-max( $property, $value_min, $value_max, $viewport_width_max ) {

	$vw: ( $value_max / $viewport_width_max ) * 100;
	$min_width: ( $value_min / $vw ) * 100;
	$mq_min: #{$min_width}px;
	$mq_max: #{$viewport_width_max}px;

	#{$property}: #{$value_min}px;
	@media all and (min-width: $mq_min) {
		#{$property}: #{$vw}vw;
	@media all and (min-width: $mq_max) {
		#{$property}: #{$value_max}px;

For example: A header should have a font-size of 80px at 1000px wide, and grow smaller on narrower screens, but not smaller than 20px.

h2 {
	@include vw-min-max( 'font-size', 20, 80, 1000 );

See it in use on my portfolio site, where it is applied not only to text, but also various divs to create a fluid appearance on window resize.

Sublime Text Plugin: WordPress Coding Standards whitelist flags

Update: The native WPCS whitelist flags are deprecated in v3.0.0 in favour of the PHPCS // phpcs:ignore format. The plugin has been updated to use that format in stead.

A Sublime Text 2/3 autocomplete plug-in for WordPress Coding Standards whitelist flags.
Install the plugin via Sublime Text’s Package Control by searching for WPCS whitelist flags.


An autocomplete popup will open when you type `wpcs` or `phpcs`.

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