Plugin: Google Analytics without Cookies in WordPress - Cobbled Code

I somehow felt the urge to use Google Analytics to track page views on my portfolio site. Google Analytics sets cookies and in Europe we’re required to show a cookie consent warning because cookie monsters ugh…

In the spirit of keeping things simple I used an example by Foture that uses fingerprint.js to implement visitor tracking without the need to set cookies. Which turned into a WordPress plugin and yay no cookie and no notification required!

Clone on Github or download plugin as a Zip file.

Cookie Monster eating cookie

Setting your analytics tracking ID

The plugin has no settings page. Set your own tracking id by adding a filter:

	function() { return 'UA-XXXXXXX-XX'; }

Visitor IP addresses are anonymized by default

Because we’re required to do so by law in Germany and because you’re a nice person. Turn it off if you are so inclined:

add_filter( 'analytics_without_cookies_anonymize_ip', '__return_true' );

Logged in users are not tracked by default

Enable tracking logged in users:

add_filter( 'analytics_without_cookies_ignore_logged_in_users', '__return_false' );