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WordPress allows you to schedule the publication of a post for a specific date. Which is great, but I needed to immediately publish a whole bunch of scheduled posts all at once.

Resetting the schedule for a single post is easy enough, you can change the scheduled date to today. For multiple posts however there is no way to easily publish or unschedule them all at once.

One could resort to running a database query to update all affected posts, boo! This plugin adds the “Publish” and “Unschedule” Bulk Actions to the posts list when viewing scheduled posts, yay!

Unschedule or publish multiple scheduled posts
Unschedule or publish multiple scheduled posts via the Bulk Actions dropdown.

Publish the selected posts immediately
Remove the scheduled date and set the status of the selected posts to “Draft”

Download the latest release as a .zip file. Or fork, create an issue or pull request on GitHub.

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